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Dona Chilanga

La Dona Chilanga is being programmed by Isaac Méndez Altuzar. At this moment it is a prototype of a system to visualize data and indicators on sustainability in the Water-Energy nexus in CDMX. 
For now, we have this visualization and we are working to improve it and add details. Little by little we will add content of the indicators and results of our research.

For the next iteration, which is in progress, we want to have an interactive donut where our members can enter indicators, ranges and references to crowdsource data on sustainability in the city. We know that representing the sustainable changes of CDMX is incredibly complex and we will constantly find new indicators of change. For this reason, the Dona Chilanga program must have the capacity to grow over time. 

We want to achieve a visualization of the system with the interactions between indicators and how certain indicators have the influence of other indicators that at first glance do not seem to be related. Here you can see our first approach.

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