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There are cities where in certain periods of the year it rains a lot but at the same time it is difficult and/or expensive for many to access water. This is one of the contradictions that the city we live in faces.

At Coalition Tricolor, after a two-year investigation now published (Valencia et al., 2022) we found that a common vision of change agents in Mexico City is to scale rainwater harvesting methods and water innovations to increase the access to water and reduce its waste, while generating a change in the way we understand and use water. 

Therefore, at Gota a Gota we link water innovation projects with vulnerable communities and committed promoters. Our platform drives collaboration and scaling of innovative solutions for meaningful impact on water management. 


Drop by Drop it is thena living laboratory for the strategic scaling of water projects and sustainable transitions coordinated by the Tricolor Coalition. We are a platform that is based on the principles and science of the Donut Economy, which define sustainability as a safe and fair space for humanity in CDMX. 

Our first project: Gather the required technical knowledge of the rainwater harvesting system (SCALL) in conjunction with a citizen involvement and citizen awareness development program, and implement it in a university, to promote sustainable water transitions in CDMX.  All this to increase its impact, and a water transition in CDMX.



Drop by Drop Manual

Sense Morning

Executive Summary


Valencia, E. et al. (2022) Can Sustainability Transition Methodologies support Urban Governance? Case Study CDMX Tricolor Coalition. University of Graz. Austria, Vienna.

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