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Circular City Week Symposium

Hello everyone! We had today the opportunity to participate and organise a forum in Circular City Symposium by PYXERA Global! Our panel: "Mexico City: Convening a Multi-Sector Platform to Enable Circularity" included conversations about the water-energy-food nexus and examples of current projects in Mexico City aiming to a more sustainable future. The Coalition is constantly growing and including more actors.

This was a good example of the type of constructive and collaborative dialogue we are building. Thank you panelists: Estefania Arriaga- SEDEMA, Montserrat Palomar - Enel Green Power, Jahir Mojica - SUEMA, Diana Hernández - MOJA.

Thank you also Eva Valencia for participating in the panel, Moisés R. Rebollar Guagnelli, Michel Nader Sayún, Ricardo, Brenda y Alejandro for their efforts in the coalition and Mobox Media House for the wonderful introductory video.

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