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Hello everyone! Please consider that our main working language is Spanish and therefore we may take longer to update the English version of this page.

In this story we want to tell you about the current development of the Tricolor Coalition, a coalition interested in developing sustainable transitions for Mexico City. We are delighted to invite you to our next events so we can continue building its history together.

About us

We are a group of professionals interested in making a sustainable change in Mexico City. There are so far around 60 people interested in the Coalition.

Our Objectives


We have five goals for this year (September 2021- July 2022):

- Create a network of agents of change for sustainable transitions in Mexico City (CDMX).

- Create our Dona Chilanga. In other words, define the priorities and common vision of our Coalition to carry out these sustainable transitions based on Doughnut Economics.

- Analyze what is our local current sustainable situation, with clear indicators. This is to include our Dona Chilanga baseline and the changes yet to be made to reach our sustainable vision.

- Create ideas and action proposals of how to reach this vision with the Coalition members. This by supporting the existing projects and creating new project alternatives by finding synergies with the agents of change. 

- Carry out an evaluation and monitoring to understand how far we have come, and in what way this Coalition can be more useful in the future.


What methodologies do we use?


We are relying on different tools from the “Doughnut Economics Action Lab”, as well as on methodologies that are already useful to carry out sustainable transitions for different agents. We base ourselves mainly  on the idea of ​​looking for existing methodologies to support the members of the Coalition to solve the sustainable problems of the CDMX that Dona Chilanga’s vision shows.

Our progress:

The network has been constantly growing since the beginning of the project. We already have the interest of people who participate either at the individual or institutional level of government institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations, academia and students. Furthermore, synergies from different projects have begun to be generated. 

We will soon share the other projects that we are developing in our event.


Projects in progress:

We already have five projects in process. Soon we will write more information about it here.


Do you have a project that you would like to contribute to as part of the Coalition? Contact us.


Create a Mexico City’s doughnut coalition to create synergies that serve to move towards a vision of sustainability based on a Doughnut Economics approach.


Generate governance processes to face social and environmental challenges in Mexico City.

Our values

We share thePrinciples of Donut Economics Practice and we also havethree more principles, based on the learnings we have had.

Donut Economics Principles:

   1. We support the needs of all people, within planetary boundaries

   2. We see the big picture

   3. We cultivate human nature

   4. We think systemically

   5. We design to redistribute

   6. We design to regenerate

   7. We are growth agnostic

   8. We are strategic in practice

Principles based on Learning:

   a. We focus on local needs

   b. We look for practical and concrete actions

   c. We trust in the capabilitiesexisting


Chinampas in Xochimilco - Michel Nader

Updated July 2022 (In English)


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